So here I am. The kids are officially grown-ups, I’m the wrong side of 45 and my husband and I have been together for an eternity. I have started to notice huge changes in my appearance, i.e. wrinkles and wobbly bits I didn’t have before and a huge change in my demeaner. I am no longer trying to change the world, but realise I can always improve my world, which includes the ‘Grow-ded ups’ as I like to call them, my husband, dad, family and friends. To change the things I can control and to let go of what I can’t!

Its time to step back from being a full on parent and just be there to guide and encourage. Our house is mostly a lovely, calm environment with a lot of banter when we come together for mealtimes, but a lot of time is spent doing our own thing. I finally have time to do all the things I’ve always wanted to do and I’ll be honest at first I felt a little lost. However, now I’ve found my new rhythm, its time to explore once again. I love reading, I’ve always got my head in a book. I’ve discovered new ways of keeping the wrinkles and the dreaded menopause at bay, but most importantly I have rediscovered my passion for coaching.

Through coaching women like me, who are finding their feet again and rediscovering their inner peace and outer Sassyness.

believe in yourself