One to one coaching via phone or zoom

£45 For a 1hr initial Discovery Session.

A perfect opportunity for you to get a feel for coaching and discover if it is right for you? A chance to see if we are a good fit and if I am the right coach for you? A chance to test the water before you commit.

My packages are;

£180 for the First steps package; 4 x 30 mins

£360 for the Explorer package; 4 x 60 mins or 8 x 30 mins

£720 for the Explorer plus package; 8x 60 mins

£1,080 for the Discovery Programme

A chance to have an empowering conversation with you in charge. It will give you time and space to really explore how you want to tackle YOUR life.

All too often we know what we want to do, but don’t have the foggiest idea how to go about achieving want we want. So we put it off, or let ourselves be talked out of it, or let the negative gremlins stop us, before we even had a chance to really go for it.

Through coaching you can find out so much more about yourself and work out how to achieve those important goals big or small.

You talk, I actively listen and ask those big burning questions. Together we find your way forward.

Along the way there will be ‘Aha’ moments; times of realisation when you think ‘Why on earth didn’t I think of that before?’ That’s what I am here for.

To guide you through the possibilities, To really hear what you are trying to say. To boost your confidence, help you be true to yourself and cheer you on to the finish line.