Naturally programmed to help

Jane kindly gave her own time to schedule in a coaching call with me. I’ve suffered with Anxiety for over 10 years. Jane’s coaching helped me to take a step back and focus upon the things in my life that make me happy. The here and the now.

Jane has a very positive perspective on things. I felt much calmer and at ease after our call. Jane is naturally programmed to help and support others. I’m extremely thankful to her.

M.H, Croydon

Holding my hand through many stormy days

My coaching sessions with Jane are always very enjoyable, even if I come to the session in complete doom and gloom, I am always smiling at the end.

I definitely recommend her coaching as she has held my hand through many stormy days!

Sara Shebear

Always sees the best in people.

My life coaching session with Jane have been absolutely amazing, she’s enthusiastic and a bundle of energy and always sees the best in people. Her sessions are always fun no matter how your feeling on the day.

Miss E. F, Caterham

Highly professional yet amazingly warm

When I decided to enlist the help of a life coach I turned to Jane for her help.  Jane is highly professional yet amazingly warm, friendly and supportive throughout the coaching process which totally put me at ease. Although I have known Jane as a friend for over 10 years, I knew very early on I had made the right choice in her as a coach.

Over the course of 4, weekly sessions, she has helped me to understand my weaknesses, use my strengths, and refocus of the positives I had lost touch with.  She is very skilled in her role, she truly cares about her clients and uses her own experiences to great effect.

I’m very grateful to Jane and her ability to help me make positive changes in my life and would highly recommend her to help anyone to do the same.

Mr W, Wallington

Comments from A Journey of Discovery 2019

‘I would suggest to everyone to come to experience the journey for themselves, to gain a positive attitude from the experience’ – A Jones

‘As usual Jane guided us through an amazing morning, really propelling me to the next stage of my life’s journey.’ – S Shebear

‘It’s an experience anyone can use, no matter where you are in your life.’ – E Wilmer

‘Inspirational, wow will stay with me for a long time.’ – K R Kharbarda

‘Go along and help yourself out.’ – S Brooks

Made me feel like I am worthy as a human being, to look after myself.

Jane is a wonderful coach, as I could feel myself connecting to inner depths of knowledge and hidden empowerment, from within the subconscious mind. As the gremlins and monkey mind chatter gets clear. After life coaching with Jane, I felt I was flying in the sky with my outlook above the clouds and into the sunlight. After visualisation of tapping and law of attraction…Jane’s empowerment conversations made me feel like I am worthy as a human being to look after myself. After the third session with Jane, like many other disciplines, the empowerment became second nature. What an inspiration to outlooks on life and listening without being judged. I felt safe. I had a big fear on working on photo at boots … Jane helped me so much thank you. Jane got me to achieve my once only time of being legendary acknowledged. Am so grateful. Now let’s be good to ourselves. I will listen to Paul McKenna now….Jane on a par…an inspirational lady. And an amazing coach, that lights up the atmosphere as a presence, as if on stage at the West end, London.

Mr K.K, Croydon.