Sorry for the lack of a blog yesterday. We had an early start and a morning in Oia. I will come back to that in a moment…

Well what a day on Wednesday for sport! England in a world cup semi final, for the first time in 28 years. Ok so the outcome was very disapointing, but the fact remains that we got there!

Ian (my hubby) was in seventh heaven in a lovely greek taverna,with fish, wine and football. The owner/waiter making sure the atmosphere was amazing with his sudden eruptions of “Come on England!”

The brilliant thing is the team have done so well and as a nation we have come together, in such a positive way, it has been truly heart-warming.
Even after the loss against Croatia, the support and positivity has been brilliant.

I especially loved that Gareth went around to all of his team and instead of balling them out, he gave them a hug and words of encouragement.
We can’t win all the time but the way we deal with defeat and live to fight another day with acceptance, optimism and determination will make all the difference.

The true measure of any team, is how well you come together during the difficult times, and I am sure Gareth will steer them in the right direction.

Yesterday was a yet another day of breathtaking beauty. The clear sky and blue sea, are the perfect backdrop and contrast, to the pure white buildings and famous blue domes, that are the antithesis of Santorini. I took so many pictures I’m suprised I didn’t break the camera on my phone!

Every step we took, gave us another amazing veiw and thank goodness we weren’t with a tour, as while those people seemed to whizz in and out, we managed to take our time and linger in awe for as long as we liked.

Yet again Michael came up trumps, with a fantastic restaurant/taverna for lunch. The food was amazing and definately worth the extra walk in the sun to find. The little tot of sweet wine at the end, finished it off beautifully.

It’s a bit of a tradition out here, to give you a little extra at the end of a meal. Be it watermelon, grapes, grappa or sweet wine, it is aways most welcome and typical of the above and beyond, we are coming to expect.

The only downside, of the mixture of walking for miles, sun and alchohol, is the very necessary sleep in the afternoon. Oh it’s a hard life, when you are on holiday!

To be honest it feels like just what the doctor ordered….

It’s done us all the world of good. I can’t remember the last time I felt so chilled. We (Ian, Judy, Michael and myself) have all worked our socks off and it’s so nice to spend time together away from everything.

Don’t get me wrong I have missed the kids (growded ups) and my friends and work colleagues loads, but it has been an absolute slice of heaven being here.

Still, it’s our last full day in paradise and it’s time for a swim in the sea.

Whatever you do to make today special remember…

Stay sassy
Lots of love
Jane xxxx