On a mission!

Well since my holiday trying to get back to normal has felt like a nigh on impossible task. Since the start of this week though, I’ve been on a mission to get jiggy with it and get myself back in to gear.

All good coaches have coaches and I am no exception, but with my coach Shaz Shebear Hollier on holiday herself I decided to get my pen and paper out and plan my strategy!

I noticed there were a few things niggling away at me shouting at me to do them and I felt what with September being here it was time to make a fresh start. For some reason since I’ve had the kids I have always felt that way, getting the more relaxed summer out of the way and having more time and space to really crack on.

So I’ve got to grips with my finances with a new improved savings plan to take us sailing through to our holiday next year, including Christmas and other important events along the way.

I’ve cleaned the oven and tackled my Sons ever increasing washing pile and even managed to hoover under his bed which is no mean feat I can tell you!

It seems I am not the only one! Julie who I still go on our Sunday power walks with, has been on a mission too.

Its amazing how much motivation you can get from one conversation. Which brings me nicely on to my next point.

Coaching is all about having an empowering, motivating and often confidence boosting conversation. Unlike a chat with a friend where most of us would automatically abandon our own agenda if the other person needs support, a coaching session puts you and only you at the heart of the matter.

So with myself well and truly back in the driving seat of my own life I am ready to plunge into the next stage of my professional life and really move my coaching forward in its new direction. So if any of you my lovely followers know someone who is currently facing a time when their kids are growing up and spreading their wings and would like some coaching to find their own new adventure please let me know. I will be offering three lucky people a chance to have one to one coaching over the phone for four weeks in exchange for a case study.

I can’t wait to get started and obviously first come first served just pm me via facebook with your contact details (uk only) and I will be in touch.

So until next time

Jane x x


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