Why I love Mondays!

I love Mondays! There I said the unthinkable out loud. Its true, and I have loved them for about the last twelve years. I made the decision whilst reading The 10 Minute Life coach by Fiona Harrold. I knew it was time for a change I went whole hog and dared to be different.

Last Monday was a great Monday. Having worked all weekend I had Monday and Tuesday off which was a lovely bonus. So I took the kids or should I say ‘growded ups’ to the cinema to see Inside Out. It was such a lovely rare treat to be all off together, so rather than languish at home we took advantage of the opportunity.

It was a great film all about the emotional workings of the mind from the emotions side of things. It was hillarious, thrilling (in a Disney kind of a way) and sad all in equal measure. The funny thing is we all really enjoyed it for different reasons, but the best bit for me was sitting in between the kids whilst they ate the most ginormous boxes of popcorn and we had some lovely family time, something we havent all done together for a while. I feel honored that we all get on so well and I feel so happy that we have found the way to still enjoy each others company now they are 27 and 19. Like all families its not all been plain sailing but its nice to find the balance, of respecting each others space and differences, yet finding time to still have a laugh together. Thanks kids you made a middle aged woman very happy.

Anyway back to the strange monday thing, I know it’s a biyt weird but humour me; the thing is I love the start of things, the excited beginning, the anticipation, the promise of something positive yet to happen. So for me that’s what a Monday means, a chance to start over, to hit refresh and have another go at this weird and wonderful thing we call life. So no matter what the week before was like with its usual dramas and highs and lows, you can wipe the slate clean and have another pop at creating life the way you want it. Sure it may not turn out exactly as planned and there are bound to be negative moments but plan in some great bits and those positive dominos are sure to fall, all you need is some hope, some positive expectation and of course a brand new Monday!

‘Til the next time

Jane x x


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