My Christmas Miracle!


To be fair I’m not quite sure what’s going on? A Christmas Miracle is actually happening!

Anyone who knows me well, is very well aware, that I am not the most organised person on the planet. Thanks to my wonderful friend OCD and a slightly over-exaggerated sense of what I can actually achieve, I am often left with a to do list as long as my arm and nowhere near enough time.

Well this year I have done a lot of forward planning and it has paid off.

I don’t know how to say this out loud, but as long as you are sitting down, here goes…

I have actually got the vast majority of my Christmas shopping done and a whole month to play with, to get the deccys done, the wrapping done and the Christmas food accumulated!

I know, trust me, I’m as stunned as you are!!

It helps that Ellie, my daughter, is one of the most organised people I know and as both kids are now grown ups, their needs on my time, are actually very little.

Their wake up coffee, food and the odd bit of washing really isn’t too much to ask. Oh and they are both contributing to the household, which literally feels like all my Christmases come at once!

The slight downside, is that every cupboard and draw in my bedroom, is stuffed full of presents awaiting wrapping and its rightful place under the tree. But hey, it’s a small price to pay, for the level of relative calm it’s giving me right now.

Sure I’ve got stuff to do. The house looks like someone tripped over on arrival and threw stuff in all directions, the hoover is practically begging me to use it and my legs are screaming at me to get on with it, and run. But for now I am just happy to know my fantasy of a lovely chilled Christmas with my nearest and dearest might actually happen.

If I’m lucky enough to get Boxing day off this year too………. Well that will definitely be the Christmas cherry on the top.

So here’s to a lovely December full of Family Friends and Christmas miracles.

Stay Sassy

Lots of love and Christmas Hugs

Jane xxxx

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