Thriving in Lockdown

Hello my lovelies, its been so long since I last blogged, I feel my keyboard has cobwebs!

It’s so great to be actually writing something again and fortunately about something so positive.

I won’t lie, the last few months have been extraordinary to say the least. We’ve all been through something that none of us could have predicted. It’s as if the world has been turned upside down and it really has been the survival of the fittest.

We’ve been torn apart from many people we see (and hug) on a daily basis and kept shut away with only our nearest and dearest for company. Our elderly and most vulnerable have bore the brunt of the situation and our beloved NHS has finally been given the recognition it always deserved.

An elderly Gentleman has become a modern day hero and appreciation has become the new normal.

Face masks have become a new must have accessory and 2 meters our most used measurement.

If you’d have told me this would happen a year ago I would have suggested you check your facts and stop watching Sci-fi films at night!

It has been most unusual, scary and very lonely, for so many.

It has however also been a time to reconnect with our loved ones. We’ve been given the gift of time and a golden opportunity to shake up our lives. Staycations have become the norm, along with home schooling and Zoom has really taken off and launched into Cyberspace.

I myself was furloughed from my main job at a well known pharmacy retail store. I spent 7 weeks at home finally getting organised and enjoying the rather strange situation of having my husband and 2 grown up children at home 24/7.

Apart from a couple of moments, we surprisingly got on very well. My husband commandeered the living room, to set up working from home and the kids (grow-ded ups) spent their days stuck in their rooms. We all came together for dinner in the evenings and to chat, whinge or vent about our day. We got into a little routine and I found myself getting used to this very unique way of life.

I had symptoms of Corona virus very early on (late March) and fortunately due to my obsession with cleaning wipes and isolating very well, I didn’t pass it on.

My 84 year old Dad did extremely well. His garden and positive attitude helped him through and although 2 of his best friends were very ill, they have made a full, if not slow, recovery. Our weekly doorstep shopping visits and chats over the phone kept us both sane.

I threw myself into my new found situation. I did an online course on The Law of Attraction with the brilliant Carolyne Bennett, attended Zoom and did online tutorials with my rock choir. I (as always) had regular co coaching sessions with the amazing Sara Shebear and bravely did some well received Facebook Live sessions. I loved the opportunity to bring a bit of positivity to the situation and also share some insight into my own challenges with mental/emotional health.

I sorted drawers and cupboards, organised paperwork and even dusted off the book I’ve been writing for 10 years and with Ellie’s (my Daughter) help, I will be able to get it out there very soon. I also surrounded myself via phone or online with as many wonderful people as I could. A massive thank you to those of you, whose connection meant the world to me.

I am now back at work and enjoying a very different role, brought about by the upsurge in online ordering. It’s strange to feel like a little Christmas Elf in the middle of summer!

I love whizzing around with my trolley and my list and then sending people’s parcels out with love and care. I am of course loving being back and seeing all my regular customer’s, especially the elderly ones, knowing they are safe and well.

Anyway in a nutshell, that’s me covered. I hope Lockdown has been kind to you and that you and your family are safe and well. I would love to hear how you have been getting on and now that I have finally got around to it, I should be back blogging more and more.

Thanks for listening.

Stay Sassy

All my love

Jane xxx

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