Teamwork makes the dream work.

Today is an important day. Finally, the builders have come to rebuild the wall in my front garden and the scaffolding is being taken down, on the house behind ours.

The garden wall has taken so very long and far too much effort on my part to get to this point and the scaffolding, although not directly affecting me, it has been a bit of an eyesore to be honest. That said I was thrilled when it went up in the first place as it meant work was being done after a house-fire literally took the roof off!

What has this got to do with team work? I hear you ask, well its actually been a pleasure watching both of these things happen and it made me think about the difference teamwork makes to our lives.

The scaffolders at the back are working together, like a well oiled machine. One man is up high, dismantling the poles and boards, passing to another mid way up, who then carefully drops them down to the guy at bottom, who expertly catches them and places them on the nearby lorry. All of this of course is done with a bit of light banter, some laughter and sporadic singing.

I’ve even just seen the tennants (who have been living elsewhere for the last year) drive by and give them their thanks. Which was a lovely moment to witness.

The two builders currently working on my wall, although quiet in comparison, are just getting on with it. Both taking the wall carefully down, one brick at a time and working together to build it back up. A job that could have taken one man a long old time, has I’m sure, taken a lot less than half the time as they work together.

In my day job, I have just recently moved teams and am absolutely loving the camaraderie. I’ve always enjoyed being in Healthcare. However, being much more active and being able to work with a much bigger team and interact very regularly with the whole store, is an absolute pleasure.

If one of us is having difficulty finding what we need, having a big team of people willing to help is great. Obviously, as with all teams, we all get our off days but generally we are a happy bunch and do our best to support each other. There are of course always the odd bad apple, who can threaten to undermine everything everyone is striving for, but it is my experience that they either don’t last long, or will eventually come unstuck. It is best to stick to those that do help and remember to give those that won’t a very wide birth!

What if you work alone? Create a dream team of support. Have people you can call when you need to. Surround yourself with a team of other craftsmen or entrepreneurs, business owners or mums/dads. Build a team of people you can count on, that bring different skills to the table.

Even in a relationship/ household, team work is key. My husband cooks, I clean and we both do what we can to use our skills effectively. If we are decorating he is great at getting things done quickly, but I am much better at the niggly faffy bits! When the kids (Growded ups) join in, it’s even better.

In short team work is the key to success and building a dream team of people you can count on, is worth it’s weight in gold.

Have a great rest of your week and of course, Stay sassy!

Much love

Jane xx



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