What a Year!

Well, what a year 2020 turned out to be!

I don’t think any of us could have predicted such a year. A period in time, when taking care of ourselves and others was never more important.

A year to try new things (whether we liked them or not) and embrace a new challenge on a daily basis.
The social butterflies amongst us had our wings well and truly clipped. Working from home became a way of life for so many, not just those that had chosen a life less ordinary. Professionals that we often take for granted, our glorious doctor’s and nurses, became recognised by the public as heroes overnight.
A wonderfully energetic, health and fitness fanatic Joe Wicks, became a household name and a great way to start the day. Especially if you had kids at home. A wise and inspirational hero came in the form of a 99 year old, who kept our spirits up and showed us the way. His determination and positive outlook on life became a shining beacon in the fog of uncertainty.
Me, well like so many of us, I had to decide whether to sink or swim. My OCD was most certainly tested to the limit!

Back in March I caught, what I think was Covid, when a customer (who admitted they should have been isolating) coughed on me. This was before protection and PPE and I only had distance and the common sense and courtesy of others and my own care and attention to keep myself safe. I was very lucky. As a person who is relatively fit and healthy I had it pretty mildly. Just the cough, headaches, extreme tiredness and the strangest feeling in my chest. I could barely get out of bed for 3 days and yes it was pretty scary, but I followed all of the advice given by my lovely pharmacist and the NHS and got through it safely.
I do feel very grateful to have come out the other side relatively unscathed and I know of far too many people who haven’t fared so well. My heart goes out to them and their families.

Amongst all the various challenges Ive managed to have as many light, funny moments as possible. Inspired by Joe and the many funny moral boosting dance routines flooding Facebook and the media, I was asked to do something to keep us going at work. I came up with ‘A Funny Five Minutes with Jane’. One song, a few steps, claps and clicks later and we were laughing our socks off and jigging our way through.
‘I wanna dance with somebody’ by Whitney Huston will definitely hold a new memory and proved socially distanced fun was possible.

My latest moral boosting effort of dressing up as a Christmas Elf (my new nickname) and giving out chocolates was a great way to spend my Birthday. Who knew turning 52 during this difficult time could be so much fun! Great timing with National Christmas Jumper day. I even ended up wearing the costume to have my eyes tested. The other people waiting to be seen, thought it was hilarious. Honestly I get more young at heart the older I get. Goodness knows what I will be getting up to when I’m 80!

In terms of my coaching practice I successfully braved doing Facebook Lives. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen yourself on camera with all you funny little mannerisms for all to see.
I also updated my website with the help and undeniable skills of Shebear Technology. I did some much needed work on the business, rather than in it.

All of this has brought me rather nicely to my decision to cut my hours in my day job and I am finally sitting at my new little desk, writing this for you. I am facing the window letting the natural light fill me with optimism and inspiration, knowing that this is the year to finally complete the book I have been writing on and off for far too many years. It’s my story of how I overcame the worst of my OCD and became the (mostly) happy, contented and quirky person I am now.

So watch this space, take care of YOU and everyone around you and may our year of 2021 be a truly great one!

Stay sassy
All my Love
Jane xxx

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