2019 bring it on!


I am actually very sad to see the back of 2018. It was definately up there as one of my top years.

Some big milestones happened. I became Fifty and have been married for twenty years. Considering my first marriage was such a disaster, that’s a massive achievement!

I ran my 2nd, and possibly last Marathon. Beating my previous time by 19 minutes, was an overwhelming success, however it wasn’t anywhere near as exciting as the first. It’s a real test of everything possible. Mentally, physically and every which way you can imagine. It’s me fulfilling a life long dream and proving to myself, without a shadow of a doubt, that I am one hell of a tough cookie.

Like all years, there were ups and downs, but I think that once you’ve done something like that, any challenges just pale into insignificance!

Last year was all about getting things done. I had to be more organised than ever before, just to fit everything in!

I’ve spent much more time with friends and family, and have so many, amazing memories to look back on, so many fantastic moments to cherish.

Health was a bit of a rollercoaster. I felt healthier in myself than ever before, but high blood pressure decided to take a hold and as for the menopause, well don’t get me started!

Of course, being me, I fought back and reclaimed my sanity by keeping up the running and introducing yoga. Ok, so a fly on the wall would be wetting themselves laughing, at my lack of balance or finesse, however, I love it.

Also, having picked a particularly enthusiastic, young 20 something, American as my DVD package of choice, I had better make it worth my while! I don’t know why, but the mature, calmer than a cucumber, with a singy, songy voice woman, just didn’t do it for me!

One of my biggest challenges though, is my determination to get my coaching business back out there and actually being something I am known for, rather than just being “the really nice lady at Boots”. Although of course, that is something to be proud of too. My christmas card with that written in, is definately a treasured posession!

So here we are in 2019 and I am soon to deliver my first Journey of Self Discovery workshop, in ten years. To be honest I can’t wait. I’ve dusted of what works well, condensed it into a half day and have added a giant dose of what motivates me. I’ve enlisted the help of Ellie and Sam (Ellie’s boyfriend) and after a few more finishing touches, I’m ready to rock and roll.

So 2019, I’m coming for you! My mission this year, is to bring my joy of coaching to as many people as I can. To inspire and motivate people, to grab their life well and truly in their hands and to get as many people as I can to believe that no matter what life throws at us, we have got this!

I can’t wait to get going, so let’s do this. Together. Oh and of course Stay Sassy!

Lots of love Jane xxx

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