Just keep running, just keep running!


So I promise I am still here in the land of the living… I bet you thought I had fallen off the planet with my lack of blogging!

I am so sorry to have neglected you but my current goal, mission, crazy passion has well and truly taken over……

This running a marathon malarkey has momentarily surpassed all other activities.

Every time I have a day off I promise myself I will blog, however it has slowly crept down the list of must get round to do’s.

I would apologise more, but the truth is I have never felt so happy to be finally doing something I thought had well and truly passed me by.

Every year around this time I would look wistfully at all the runner’s running passed in their bright reflective lycra and think about the last time I tried to run the marathon.

I was in my thirties, my coaching was going well and I was feeling on top of the world. As well as running, I was doing karate, hosting business lunches and generally having a great time.

I got as far as running a 10K only to find out I didn’t get in to the Marathon on the Ballot. It was London, which I now know is hugely over subscribed. I took that ( and the fact I was losing so much weight my trousers were falling down) as a sign and put it on the pile of “oh well at least I tried” and duly forgot about it.

About 10 years, a recession and lots of life’s challenges later, here I am finally doing it!

I work full time, have a wonderfully supportive family, the kids are all grown up and I couldn’t be happier. I am loving the ‘me time’ that running gives me, the feeling of freedom, and the little sense of excitement I get from seeing other runner’s knowing that I am out there doing something I have wanted to do since I was 18.

I am 48 years old and I feel fantastic! I am going into my fifties with a renewed sense of purpose, passion and commitment that I haven’t felt for years!

I am not going to lie as the miles get longer I am finding it tougher and tougher, but I didn’t go into this lightly or without knowing it was going to be one of the toughest and biggest challenges of my life. Some days after a long run I literally crawl in the door, begging Ian my hubby to make my milkshake while I flail around trying to do my stretching. It’s not a pretty sight I can tell you!

The fact I am doing it for MIND is also hugely motivating and knowing I am once again overcoming my OCD gives me such a good feeling! The Facebook group and MIND Team support is amazing.

My little mantra when I get tired is ”JUST KEEP RUNNING, JUST KEEP RUNNING!” With regular “COME ON JANEY, YOU CAN DO IT” pep talks to myself- its a wonder I haven’t been locked up. However I am having the time of my life and so to you my lovely reader I would say – whatever you have put on the back burner as unachievable, or that the ship has well and truly sailed, please, please, please, reconsider.

It’s never too late to do something you regret not doing. It might take you longer, you might need more support, it will cost you time and probably money, but it will be so worth it.

I am always here waiting for you, when you are ready if you would like to hire me as your coach or just some moral support. I am even thinking of organising a little running session on a Sunday once I’ve finished. Just to keep up my fitness and of course encourage others to get/stay fit and healthy.

Anyway my lovelies must go, my core strength and conditioning exercises won’t do themselves.

Stay Sassy

Jane xxxxx

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