Spontaneous excertion

Well on our latest Sunday power walk Julie and I decided to be spontaneous. Actually I’ll be honest it was the last two.

The first time couldn’t even be classed as a power walk. It was more of a Sunday afternoon stroll with a spontaneous trip to the pub thrown in for good measure (in our defense we did only have the one J2O each).

The important part was that for two women who have worked around our families needs for the few decades it was lovely to pop off and do something that wasn’t planned. It was completely spur of the minute, as I walked out of the door I grabbed my bank card and with a cheeky wink I relished the idea of not being completely predictable for once in my life!

Our latest endevour however, was altogether more fast paced and as our extended route took us past The Fox, we had another moment of spotanaity we decided to walk home via Farthing Downs. It was such a lovely day it seemed a shame to waste the beautiful weather. We must have walked for miles chatting away, putting the world to right. It felt liberating though and we kept up a good marching pace throughout adding a good hour on our usual walking time.

What’s really great is that I have noticed I feel so much more like my old self, less ‘tired old anxious Jane’ more ‘back in the saddle Jane’. I noticed I’m out in the fresh air any chance I get and even when I got back, I went straight into the back garden to clear the remains of the tomato plants and sweep the paths. I know the experts say that exercise gives you energy -it’s nice to prove it right!

Until the next time

Stay Sassy

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