Living the dream.

I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am right now. For once all the elements that make up what’s important to me are working really well and I am feeling on top of the world.

Micky my son, has just celebrated his 28th Birthday and I’m so proud of the man he has become. He’s supportive and thoughtful and I love the banter we have. The difference a year makes is amazing, and I think it has a lot to do with me backing off and allowing him space to grow. Although please god not upwards as he is already 6ft 2 and if I stand too close I can see straight up his nose!

Ellie is still sewing like a demon, with her determination to make her natural quirkiness pay off and prove to those who doubted her, that she clearly has what it takes.

Whenever my kids are happy I realise life can’t get much better. I know it sounds corny, but I challenge anyone with a pulse not to agree, that to know your kids are gonna be just fine as adults in their own right, is the best definition of satisfaction known to man.

As for Ian (my hubby) and I we have never been fitter or felt healthier in a very long time. What with my running and his 10k (400 lengths) weekly swimming habit we have a very different approach to our free time.  I am not kidding I still can’t get my head around how anyone can possibly swim that far!

Still in terms of my running, I am just so happy that I feel so full of life and have so much more energy. That and the added bonus that my bum is no longer doing a rhythm all of its own behind me! So please never let that put you off exercising because apparently that’s more common than any of us realise.

I’m also very pleasantly surprised to be sitting in the sunshine in my back garden which is full to bursting with fruit. The logan berries and grapes alone could give Tesco a run for its money, I’ve never seen so many grapes before and have a funny feeling they will be coming out of our ears and we will be sending all visitors home with a complimentary bunch of grapes!


With a holiday in Santorini to look forward to and so much time spent with family and friends lately it really does feel like things are on a roll and I feel I finally have the lovely work/life balance I used to dream of. I am still busy working and coaching too but these days thanks to the kids being all grown up I can finally pick and choose how much I do and when.

So for anyone struggling with life in treacle mode – I hope I’ve inspired you to hang on in there. I’ve made so many small changes over the last year I feel like a different person. If you fancy some of that yourself get in touch. Once September comes I’ll have room for 2 new clients so who knows it could be you living the dream and having the happiness you so deserve!


Stay Sassy

Jane xx

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