Santorini Summer days 10 and 11

What a day our last full day was!

As per usual the sun shone and the sea glistened, however the wind whipped around, making it a tad cooler.

The feeling that, it was our last day – so we had better make the most of it, hung around like a limpett on a rock, and for some reason, we just hadn’t been able to get up! It could have been the walking, the day before, or perhaps the ouzo. To be fair, if anything, it was more that we didn’t want our holiday to end.

As usual, once we had got to the beach, I promptly got going on my blog, but hadn’t quite finished when it was announced it was definately time for a swim. So I quickly finished it off,saved and published and then horror struck as I pressed the wrong button and lost it!

Talk about Friday the 13th! I will be honest, I usually expect to have a good day and consider that lucky for some, means me too. However, so far was not so good!

I looked through everywhere, but to no avail and hoping against hope my blog was saved somewhere, I popped off, to join the others, for a swim…..
It was no good, I couldn’t relax, the water was colder than usual and I just wasn’t feeling it.

I tried to rewrite it quickly, remembering the key parts, but my heart wasn’t in it and although it was ok,it just wasn’t right.

We had lunch, in Terra Nerra our favourite lunch place, as it was our last day and then Ian somehow managed to break his beer bottle!

The beer went all over him as did a load of glass, however somehow he only got the tiniest cut on his finger. After checking he was ok, everything was cleared away, and another beer produced.

Phew, all was well until one of the ladies clearing the glass bumped her head on the taverna sign! Fortunately she was ok and as Michael quickly stated, we had, had three things now.

Luckily, the day started to improve. After finally posting my second edition of my blog I checked it had worked, only to miraculously find the first one instead!

The rest of the day past without incident and I finally got my much needed swim in the sea and we had a really lovely night out at my favourite place Savvas Popeye with the beautiful pink flowers.

I even plucked up the courage to try a mussell! Then it was on to Terra Nerra for a night cap and we finally made it safetly back to bed.

The next day was as expected one we were not looking forward to.

We woke early to pack and get everything prepared to leave. Not that we wanted to, of course, we would have gladly stayed forever!

Still, we popped down the beach and Terra Nerra for our last breakfast with Judy and Michael and then it was time to say Goodbye. A massive hug fest began, with all the people who had helped make our holiday such a special one and by the time we finally got the cab to the airport, I was all hugged out.

Although I was glad to be going home to see the kids, I definately left a piece of my heart in Santorini….

I have decided,I will be learning Greek for our next visit, not that we need to, but because it is a lovely language and it would be so nice to immerse myself more in such a wonderful, welcoming place.

Anyway bye for now, the holiday washing awaits!

Stay sassy
Lots of love
Jane xxx

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