Santorini Summer Day 3

I am so chilled right now. Obviously that fact I am on holiday is playing a massive part, however the fact I had such a good nights sleep is definately the biggest reason. We (my hubby and I) haven’t slept properly for weeks. Either waking too early, or being too hot or just not able to switch off.

We have finally managed to work out the aircon. I even woke up a little bit cold which was actually lovely. The bed is also super comfy, not something I’ve come to expect from our holidays, but a wonderful added bonus.

It’s made me think about just how important sleep and rest is to us in order to function at our best. When you add in a leisurely breakfast and a lack of agenda, it’s a winning combination. So if you are lucky enough to have the day off today or even tomorrow make sure you factor in a bit of extra sleep time. You have I am sure earn’t every minute of it. I know we have.

Anyway time for a much needed dip in the sea.

Stay sassy
Jane xxxx

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