Santorini Summer day 4

Well here we are, another beautiful day in sunny Santorini.

Yesterday felt a little busier, yet still incredibly chilled. So much so, that I nearly fell asleep whilst watching football, in Kelly’s Bar. That would have just been rude, so I took myself off for a walk and a little bit of retail therapy. I left Ian with Judy, his sister and her partner Michael, and I had a lovely calm, slow, walk into Perrissa.

I was in search of some nice local jewellery,and I seemed to walk along the seafront for miles. It was lovely just to have some time to myself, just drinking in the atmosphere.
It’s such a lovely place, full of couples and families just spending quality time together.

Shopping, however is, in my book, a lone or female only sport and I returned just in time for the final whistle so a great time was had by all. Especially as England won yet again! I do whole- heartedly believe they will do it this time and thatl Gareth Southgate is a supercoach and genius.
In the evening it was back to my favourite resturant with the beautiful pink flowers (pictured) and more great food and lovely company.

It’s made me even more determined to spend weekends as less to do list more R and R with friends and family.

Have a lovely chilled day, stay sassy
Lots of love
Jane xxx

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