Exhaustion to Excitement

My day started well for a day off. I managed to book a last minute slot on the Legs, Bums and Tums class, had an awesome coaching session with the amazing Shebear and put the finishing touches to this website ready for its launch on May 30th. Julie and I had a great class, trying out the stretchy resistant bands for the first time ever!

I came home still full of beans, only to find after some actual beans on toast – I WAS EXHAUSTED!!

Try as I might I just couldnt get going -I even had to succumb to a little power nap. I was going downhill fast, until my super excitable daughter Ellie, literally bounced through the door. Wow! The tired spell was broken and her enthusiasm was wonderfully infectious.

She has just spent the day in London, with the amazing Princes Trust team and the wonderfully inspiring people from Zara, having a reunion day after a highly successful, Get Started With Fashion Course. I honestly cannot thank them enough, to say they have had a positive impact on Ellie is a huge understatement. Due to their brilliant course she has been able to express herself in true Ellie style, had her achievements recognised and been given a real sense of direction with her Fashion business. No wonder she is on cloud nine! They achieved more with her in one week than her college did in two years. Recognising her uniqueness, and quirky style as a statement to be proud of and not something to be toned done. So if anyone knows a young person with a lot to give, who just needs the right encouragement please ask them to check out the Princes Trust they are true force for good!



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