Whatever you do – make it fun!


So there I was cleaning the cooker, merrily singing along to the song ‘Footloose’ on the radio, when I suddenly found myself remembering a funny observation I had made whilst out on my last run.

I realised that I run differently to whatever song comes blasting through my earphones at the time, and it really helps keep me motivated, as I am eating up the miles. I find although I’m running, in my head I am actually dancing! I’m not sure if passers by can actually tell if this is what I am doing but it certainly helps me stay entertained!

I am aware that to ‘Footloose’ I’ve definitely got a bit of a spring in my step, my ponytail swinging away merrily behind me. When I introduced Fartlek (running at different speeds and tempo’s) as advised by Paula Radcliffe, in her book ‘How to run’, I realised that when I’m running faster,  my hair whacks me right in the ear with every step I take. Honestly I’ll have to invest in ear muffs at this rate! Who knew you had to add cauliflower ears to the list of possible injuries, when training for a marathon!

Anyway my point is this – If you want to train for anything that’s going to stretch you, or take up any challenge for goodness sake MAKE IT FUN!

Whether its training for an event, trying out exercise for the first time in ages or indeed cleaning the cooker, make sure you factor in how to keep yourself entertained.

I remember once a client of mine trying desperately hard to find some way to add a bit of exercise into her life. My first question was ‘How can you make it fun?’ She’d only ever thought of exercise as being arduous. It was amazing how inventive she became when she realised it could be fun!

So forget the way you think you are supposed to do something and do it your way.

I was recently advised by a seasoned runner to join a running club to get faster at running. Apparently my time per mile is rather slow. Personally since I only have little legs, I think I’m doing rather well, thank you very much!

Also I love running, by myself, with my music for company and my Strava app to tell me how well I am doing! My goal is not to run faster, but to get round my first Marathon at the age of 48 with a smile on my face and my pony tail swishing behind me.

So get out there try something different, make it fun and of course….

Stay Sassy

Jane xxxxx

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