Thank you Shaz

A big part of me rediscovering myself is learning new skills. The mere fact that I am writing a blog is somewhat of a triumph. Armed with a daughter who is both helpful and creative, and a Super Coach in the form of Shebear Solutions I am slowly becoming tech savvy! Creating a website, writing a blog! What next? and to think I rather foolishly didn’t want to take computer studies when they first came about as I thought they wouldn’t catch on!!

The funny thing is Shaz aka Shebear is as good with people as she is with computers and vice versa, which is a rare quality to have. I do feel a bit like Bambi taking his first steps and to the observer may look rather similar when trying to work out the difference between a widget and plug in , but hey ho together we can do this!

So thank you once again Shaz, this ones for you.

Jane Wilmer, Life Coach and Budding Blogger



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