Look out fitness here I come!

Well I have finally taken the plunge! After a few disapointing visits to the changing rooms, I realise I have finally achieved my much sort after hour glass figure, only to have all the sand at the bottom! Now I understand this is not unusual at my age, but I was still a little concerned to see I definately had one of the more robust figures in the legs, bums and tums class today.

Whatever happened to my Body by Karate! Well as I shamefully remembered today, that was rather a few years ago.

Dont get me wrong, I certainly look healthier than I have in the past. My (facial) cheeks look great, all glowing, not gaunt. However my love of chocolate and a much less stressful job means there is definately some sculpting to be done! No doubt I will ache in the morning and possibly have the gait of a 92 year old, but right now I am pleased as punch that I got off my bum and took a class. With my irratic work schedule it may not be every week but I have made a commitment with my neighbour Julie to jog twice a week as well, so the goal is to be bikini fit by August.

I would be lying if I said it was easy, but I kept up and didn’t fall over which was a plus. Of course some of the exercises killed my thighs and at one point I thought my legs were actually made of lead, but I am glad to start to say goodbye wobbly bits – hello super fitness!


Fitness girl?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


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