Embrace the early!

sunrise 2So, here I am having woken up at 5am on a Sunday! Yes, you did read that right and no, I don’t have any special event or sun-kissed holiday to go on.

No for some reason yet again I have woken up way too early.

Try as I might, I just couldn’t get back to sleep. Perhaps it was the fact my darling Hubby was snoring so loudly, I thought I had woken next to a bear in the woods. When he rolled over trumping loudly I was out of bed quicker than you can say Jack Robinson!

To be fair I have been very productive. As I sit here writing my blog at 6.25 am the tumble dryer and dishwasher are on, I have had some breakfast, read some of my book and watched the sun come up over the trees. I have even cleared and cleaned the fridge. I was only looking for something to go with my toast and got a bit carried away!

So I’ve decided to just embrace the early.

The difference is amazing.

On Thursday, having woken up way too early, I reset my alarm and drifted back to sleep. At 6.40 I woke with a start, mid dream having missed the alarm, swearing profusely!

That ten minutes makes a big difference when the whole household needs to get up and in the bathroom asap.

I felt so disorientated all day. It was as though my whole day was an out of body experience like I had been abducted by aliens. I needed a lot of hugs, I can tell you. The lights were on, but believe me no one was at home!

I was supposed to run home from work to keep in line with my running schedule, but all I managed was a dozy bus ride, with a very slow walk up the hill and a need for a veg out in front of the telly!

So my point is this, if for whatever reason you find yourself waking up earlier than planned, rather than fight it, embrace the opportunity.

Whether it’s because you’re menopausal, given up smoking, or just plain weird,  just go with it and who knows what you might achieve. Granted you can only do quiet things or risk the wrath of the rest of the household or neighbourhood (if it’s recycling bottles). Hoovering or singing is a definite no-no! But seriously it’s a game changer.

I felt a bit overwhelmed on the way home yesterday with my list of to do’s for today. However, I now feel so ahead I might actually manage a nice chill with a film this afternoon.. Ok so I still have to run 12 miles and trim my hedge but at least I have learned to embrace the early!

Whatever you do today enjoy and of course

Stay Sassy

Lots of love Jane xxxx

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