Redundancy, a blessing not a curse.

Unfortunately, redundancy has become a reality for so many people due to the current pandemic. It is never entered into lightly by any company and is often an absolute last resort.
The whole process can and does cause many sleepless nights on both sides, with both employers and employees fearing the consequences. It has pulled the rug out from under many people as they comfortably go about their business. Fortunately the furlough scheme has prevented many more, but still too many people have found themselves redundant, and although some might have a nice lump sum to compensate, not everyone has been so fortunate.
I myself have faced it twice. The first time the company just couldn’t afford to keep me on. It was fortunately a part time role and my coaching business was just getting started so I managed to stay afloat. However the despair on the part of my employers was truly awful and I was more concerned about them. I remain good friends with them to this day and will always be grateful for the support they gave me when I needed it most. The second time has been challenging, however it was a chance to evaluate the different roles I have been fulfilling and realise that flexibility and a can do attitude really do go a long way.
So if you have found yourself suddenly redundant, how can you turn the tables and view this as a positive thing?
Well for a start as a coach, I have encountered many people for whom redundancy ended up being the best thing that ever happened to them. It gave them the push they were waiting for to find a new adventure.
Whether it was setting up their own business, starting a family or just having some much needed time out, it was for them, the catalyst for change they strangely needed.
It is also a good opportunity to think about what you really want. Were you really enjoying being in that job? Did it give you fulfillment? Or did it just feel like groundhog day, where you were going through the motions? If you loved it and it was purely down to bad timing, then at least you have experience in order to find something similar. If you know hand on heart you just weren’t giving it your all, then its definitely a blessing in disguise.
What you do next is entirely up to you. You can of course get stuck down a negative rabbit hole. Where self doubt and those ever increasing gremlins lay in wait. Or you can take it as an opportunity for growth.
After yesterdays announcement it certainly does feel like things are going to get easier as we head towards the better weather and start to benefit from the lifting of restrictions. It may be a chance to land that dream job that you’ve been thinking about for ages but just couldn’t bring yourself to make the leap from your comfort zone. Maybe you’ve had an idea for a business rattling around in your head for ages and now is the time to seize the day!

Whatever you decide its good to come up with a plan to make it happen. Surround yourself with people that will encourage you all the way. Do at least one thing every day to move you closer to what you want to achieve. If you feel you want a rather extraordinary coach to guide you through, well I am only a call/whats app/message away.
This could be the time in your life when you look back and realise it’s where your big exciting journey began.
Anyway I am sure this has given you food for thought and a very different way of viewing redundancy. May this at the very least encourage you to think positively and dare to be bold!

I am so excited about the new easing of recent restrictions and may we all share a giant hug sometime very soon.

Stay Sassy
Jane xxx

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