Hero’s come in many forms.

A hero of ours, has unfortunately passed away. However he is such an inspiration, that his legacy will go on for many years, in the hearts and minds of our nation. He is of course Captain Sir Tom Moore.
He was a beacon of light in a sea of uncertainty and often the wise voice of hope and positivity.
This mornings news was awash with heartfelt messages, not just of respect, but of joy of knowing such a wonderful man. His latest act of determination and courage left us all knowing we could all do better. That the world really was a better place, having him there amongst us.

I won’t lie, that man has made me cry more than a few times. Mostly happy, proud, emotional tears. Apart from today they were genuinely, sad tears for the loss of a man that raised millions for our NHS heroes, and touched the hearts of millions more. Simply by doing what he could do and pushing himself as far as possible, as we all watched on in awe. One of his greatest achievements was inspiring another little hero, in the shape of 5 year old Tony Hudgell. Tony had to have his legs amputated as a baby, due to neglect and cruelty from his birth parents. Inspired by Captain Sir Tom, he completed a 10km walk on his prosthetic legs. Before this he had no interest in walking on them at all. A massive transformation both physically and mentally, a truly amazing little boy and a testament to his lovely new parents.

I called my Dad this morning,to make sure he was okay. I’ve often called him over the past year whenever Sir captain Tom has been on the news, just to revel in delight at his latest achievement.
At 85 my Dad is a mere whipper snapper in comparison to our beloved centenarian. His goal is to get to 100 too!

I know I’ve already mentioned him in my blogs before, so it should come as no surprise to you, how much I admire my Dad. I am blessed to have such a positive role model in my life. His determination to stay safe and well, yet keeping himself occupied fixing anything that needs some patience and TLC is indeed admirable. Our latest good news is that he has given his prostate cancer a run for its money and is winning that fight hands down.

As a coach a big part of my job is to encourage people to not only find a hero in someone else but to become one themselves. Surrounding yourself with a plethora of positive, loving role models is key to you becoming the best version of yourself. Recognising and encouraging greatness in others is a sure fire way to see the world as a wonderful place. Allow yourself to be guided by the greatness of others. Aspire to be you, but with a cherry on the top and allow yourself to sparkle, because you never know whose watching. Anyway, Thank you Captain Sir Tom, I know the sky will be sparkling a little bit brighter tonight.

Stay Sassy
Lots of love
Jane xxx

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