May Journey of Self Discovery

I can’t quite believe it’s been two months since my last Journey of Self Discovery Workshop. The time has flown by! I absolutely loved every minute of it and by the end I was positively buzzing. If you had stuck a pin in me, I would have definitely popped glitter!

It’s a wonderful feeling, to catch yourself being in the moment of doing something you were clearly born to do. The atmosphere in the room was so amazing that I felt hugely privileged to be there.

I’ve been busy catching up my Discoverer’s and they have been making some big changes and enjoying the fruits of their hard work. I’ve even noticed some big changes myself and I only did two of the exercises!

So I am thrilled to finally announce the next Journey of Self Discovery Workshop is Saturday 4th May. A slightly later start: Registration will be from 10.00 am and we will start promptly at 10.30 am until 1.00pm.
I am also opening the offer out to a much wider audience, as I feel so confident that I have something of great value to offer you all.

I will be sharing in just one morning, what I would normally cover in about a month in my one to one coaching packages. I honestly can’t wait to do it all over again. Those months of preparation were definitely worth it.

We will be looking at how life is for you right now and how you would actually like it to be. I will be sharing my experience and knowledge to give you some proven strategies to help you achieve what you want, and understand what makes it so important to you. By the time we are finished, you will be raring to go!

I am full of energy, so I promise you, you won’t be bored. You will however, have a clear plan and the confidence to put it into action, once and for all.

One of my previous discoverer’s said it should come with a warning that “This workshop could seriously change your life!”

I say ‘could’ because that part depends on YOU. How much effort and investment, you are will to put in to yourself.

I imagine you are wondering how much all of this will cost? Well, two and a half hours of my time for one to one coaching is worth £200 . However, to be fair you are sharing me with a room full of other people, and even though you are receiving similar content, you will not get the same level of one to one attention. Therefore I feel half that, would be perfectly reasonable.

Which brings us right down the value of £100.00. For a whole morning full of life affirming moments that could potentially change your life and the way you view yourself, for many moons to come!

I can hear you now, thinking it through, yet knowing you’ve all those bills to pay and it seems a lot to spend on you and you alone. You’re right it is, but the truth of the matter is YOU are the most important person in YOUR life and you deserve to be happier. YOU deserve to understand yourself better and YOU deserve to know what YOU need to do, to know what YOU want out of life! YOU also need to have the boost in confidence necessary to make all of this happen. A way more valuable way to spend your Saturday morning that traipsing around the shops for a quick fix in the shape of a new possession.

I am however, a very inclusive coach. When I first discovered coaching I felt it was positioned as a personal luxury for a few. A privilege only for those with an abundance of disposable income. I’ve always wanted to look for ways to make my skills available to more people for less. To help ordinary people live extraordinary lives. To bring you what you want, when YOU need it most. With that in mind and taking into account the people I think of as my kind of people, I am happy to bring this to you at the bargain price of  £49.50.

Yes you did hear me right! A full morning of life changing coaching for just £49.50!

So in short, if you want to join us on Saturday 4th May, to change your life for the better just contact me at or go to my event on my Facebook page Jane Wilmer Confidence coach and I will get you booked in.

I honestly can’t wait to do it all over again so I hope to see YOU there!

Have a great day and of course

Stay Sassy

Jane xx


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