Friends, family and fashion

I’ll be honest, after the week I’ve had I’m not sure where to start! It’s been all go and there has been so many funny moments – this could take a while.

One of the highlights has to be Ellie’s (my daughter) fashion event. She really has worked her socks off and together with all the other young adults on her course they produced an amazing showcase of talent and creative genius. To say I was a proud Mum is a complete understatement and I’ve been shamelessly showing her work off to all and sundry ever since. She looked so awesome modelling both her own creation, a super cute t shirt and see through plastic skirt, (complete with shorts I hasten to add) and that of one of her fellow designers. The second design had every one fooled, as they didn’t even recognise it was actually Ellie at first.

Normal enough I hear you say, but the journey there and back was hilarious, as there were many “what I call” Miranda moments which mostly consisted of me nearly falling over on the tube, (too many people – not enough handles) my inability to get on an escalator without looking like I am 92 and carrying a mannequin all the way home from London to Coulsdon! We did get quite a few funny looks and a few comments along the way but hey ho we had a great time. It was lovely to have some bonding time with Natalie one of Ellie’s friends, at last I have found someone who loves bubbles as much as I do. I am sure that’s the real reason the journey home was quite so funny!

In addition to my great night out, I’ve had a fantastic Easter break and even though I had to work on the Friday and Saturday I had such a good time on Sunday and Monday it more than made up for it. The highlight of Easter Sunday at my lovely sister in laws was us all in stitches over the game Heads Up which is an app version of the post it note game. We somehow reinvented the rules and ended up bombarding the poor person who’s turn it was, with as many clues as we could think of and discovered along the way we were best at the kids version. Not sure that’s something I should admit to out loud but its true!

Easter Monday was an equally great family day and although it was the anniversary of when my much loved Mum passed away, we have over the years turned it into a celebration of her life. Every year we go up to the top of Box Hill where she is scattered, lay a few flowers and look at the view while we remember her and then Dad buys us all tea and cake. Just like me, my Mum was funny without meaning to be and we always have so many fond and laugh out loud memories of her we really have found a great way of keeping her with us forever.  Who would have thought that a time of year which has been so difficult in the past, has turned into a such a lovely family tradition and a time I can honestly say I enjoyed. If that’s not a message of hope that laughter is the best medicine, I don’t know what is?

Stay Sassy

Jane xxx



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