Positive Dominos

Busy, busy week full of great positive moments.

An impromptu invitation to a social occasion which happened just by me being in the right place at the right time. A few minutes either way and it wouldn’t of happened at all! I had such a great time surrounded my old friends and colleagues and a few of my new ones for good measure.

Then there was last night, with another leaving do and I had a great time saying good bye to those about to embark on their next challenge in life and learning a bit more about the colleagues I still have, but clearly barely knew. A somerset accent will never be the same again.

So strange how you can go for weeks without a single event and then suddenly, like buses, two come along at once!

Well life and goals are often just the same. Just as we say bad luck comes in three’s. You know how you trip over your charger cable while your phone’s charging, stub your big toe on the sofa and realise you’ve left your purse behind all on the same morning! Well I firmly believe in positive dominos too, when one goal I am working on seems to then impact positively on several other areas of my life and of course this also happens for my clients.

A great example of this is my stop smoking clients, where they come to me to stop smoking and end up increasing their exercise, taking up a new positive hobby, and saving money, with the fact they used to smoke fast becoming a thing of the past. So next time you set yourself one goal, keep in mind how much one small change can inpact the rest of your life too and just watch those positive dominos fall into place!



Until the next time

Stay Sassy

Jane xx



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