What’s your Motivation?

Well we are a couple of weeks in to the New Year and a lot of us are finding that sticking wholeheartedly to our resolutions can be a little bit tough.  As a coach, one of the first questions I always ask my clients is ‘what is their motivation?” What’s the reason behind their particular goal/resolution?’ Most of the time its health or family that seems to be the biggest reason for making a change. Understanding exactly why you want put yourself through the extra effort and what’s the big payoff at the end of it all, just makes it so much easier to stick to when temptation is high or the going gets tough. So when that cream cake is staring you in the face daring you to have just the one bite or your best friend is telling you they feel lonely smoking out in the cold all by themselves, its that time to remind yourself why you’ve decided to make the change in the first place.

For me my decision behind getting fitter and taking up running again was all about keep my anxiety and blood pressure at a healthy level and shedding a few of those extra inches.  However along the way I have discovered I love the fact I feel so much younger and that I have so much energy and enthusiasm for a woman my age. I feel like I used to when I first started to find myself as a woman in my own right!

My biggest thrill though is encouraging others to do the same – to find what they are passionate about and make a commitment to themselves to live life on their terms, transforming slowly but surely and emerging happier, more confident and with an inner determination to succeed. I’ve had a fantastic week with clients telling me all about the transformations they are achieving and knowing I’ve been a small part of that has just made this such an amazing week, I couldn’t wait to tell you about it.

So on that note I wish you a wonderful week full of exciting possibilities.

Stay Sassy

Jane  xxx

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