So far so good!

20180307_175011_resizedFirstly a massive apology for going AWOL on you. I’ve been so busy living life, I have barely had time to catch my breath, never mind write about it!

At last my day’s off and work pattern seem to follow some semblance of order which has made fitting it all in a bit easier. Although life being life, there has been so many challenges out of my control, it has made it even more important to stick to what I can.

The last few months have flown by and what with my full on marathon training schedule, a few illnesses in the family, new coaching clients and a rather full on social life! It’s definitely been interesting.

I’ve certainly got used to my wonderful Wednesdays. It’s a chance to catch up at home, have some me time and do my coaching sessions which I absolutely love.

To be fair it’s just as well because the rest of the week is full on time management.

From the time I get up, to the time I run, shower, eat, work and even sleep, it has to be timed to perfection. I seems my strategic approach to running has rubbed off on all areas of my life. I have to think way ahead to cover every eventuality.

One good thing is that I barely have time for any OCDness (Yes I did make up a word!)

Just as well I have my magic ‘2018: Year of Amazingness’ diary. What with my work schedule, running schedule, and everything else (including choir) schedule, I am somehow managing.

Thank goodness for Ellie and Ian’s ability to cook and do some washing otherwise I’d be stumped. As for Micky, his lack of domestic skills are made up for by his ability to keep me sane and I am pleased to say yet again, my family and friends are all a massive help and support in so many ways.

Any way my point is this. You will never know, how much you can manage to do, to improve your life in some way, unless you try. When my OCD was at it’s worse I felt like my life was a spectator sport. Everyone else was out there having fun, being important, being wanted, being needed even, and all I could do was look out of my window with envy and helplessness.

Yet here I am now, out there facing new challenges head on, even creating them. It all starts with one step in the right direction and who knows where those steps might lead!

As always

Stay Sassy

Jane xx



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