January Blues or Positively Pink!?

Often this time or year can feel like such a trudge. The fairy lights and brightness of December becomes a distant memory and the stark bareness of January can just feel like such a let down.

Money is often tighter than pair of skinny jeans. Oh and as for your waistline and even your health with all those coughs and colds about – don’t even get me started!

However this year I have found an antidote.

Planning ahead, accepting what I can’t change and deciding to look at things differently can all have such a positive impact.

Financially I have come up with the Holiday/ Xmas fund which is paid into my myself and my husband every month and has hand on heart been the best thing I ever did. No more stress it pays for the pressies and the extra food for half of the year and holiday spending money for the other half. My only regret is I didn’t do it years ago!

Also I’m a firm believer in keeping a bit of frivolity in your life by keeping some fairy lights up. You can’t go wrong with a bit of extra “Razzle Dazzle”. I am currently looking for some shabby chic ones to add a bit of sparkle when its a grey old day outside.

I always love New Year as its the time for resolutions, goal setting and a chance to start again with a clean slate. However come mid January when the snow comes and you just can’t seem to get warm, you pick up every bug going and the excesses of December come back to bite you on the bum, it’s so hard to stay motivated. Just getting up in the cold dark mornings, let alone doing anything worthwhile, can seem like such a struggle.

This year however couldn’t be more different. I have taken on a challenge that’s way bigger than anything I have ever done before, and I have honestly never felt better or younger. Considering I’m the oldest I have ever been, that is some achievement!

It also helps that although I am going out into the cold, often rainy and windy conditions, my running gear is black and the brightest pink known to man! The idea was to prevent me getting run over. However a lovely side effect is that as soon as I put on my outfit, my mood instantly lifts and I honestly feel ready for anything!


Also although I am asking a lot of my body, twenty-six miles, for goodness sake…… The more I train, the more I feel I can do this! Whilst I am doing my best to stay healthy and well nourished, should the inevitable cold or injury come my way I know rest is my friend and thanks to my new friends in the Mind Marathon team I know I will get through.

So those January blues have definitely gone away and although I enjoy being at home all cosy, being out in the fresh air has become a pleasure not a chore.

Until the next time

Stay sassy

Jane xxxx


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