Well its certainly been a while since I last updated my blog. To say its been busy is an understatement!

I had a week off from my day job and boy did I put it to good use. Where do I start?

I finally decorated my, sorry ‘our’ bedroom, turning it from a multifunctioning, dark and sometimes dismal place into a light and airy, much more feminine oasis of calm. With my daughter Ellie’s help, we managed to prove girls definately can wallpaper.  I am still putting the finishing touches to the room but it is certainly getting there. The most important part was getting rid of so much stuff that we just dont need anymore, and taking technology out of the bedroom has been the best thing I ever did. No more bedroom/office/study, hello laptop on the dining room table and a dressing table fit for the sassy me.

I had a great day out with Ellie and our friends Soo and Holly at Hampton Court Palace. A day packed with history, sun, deer, picnic food and of course Ice Cream. Lots of laughter too – its always a fun day when the four of us get together!

Then there was one of the highlights of my year so far, I sang at the NEC in Birmingham along with many thousands of people from Rock Choir. It was to celebrate 10 Years of Rock Choir the organisation that grown from a few ladies gathered around Caroline Redman Lusher’s piano to the phenominally brilliant and huge national success that it is today. The concert, no, two day music extravaganza we all performed in was amazing. Especially the appearances of Kim Wilde, Chesney Hawkes and Callibro, which were really uplifting and very emotional. Thank goodness I was wearing my waterproof mascara!

I finished off the weekend with another spa experience and an opportunity to bond even more with my my Rockie friends.

It was probably one of the best weeks off work I have had in ages and I realised I was so busy and engrossed in living life to the full I barely had time go on facebook never mind write a blog entry.

I am back to work now and I’ve noticed what seems like only a few days has actually been a couple of weeks that have been crammed full with the stuff  I am glad I’ve started to take for granted. For a start my running has begun to feel like a normal start to my days off, the opportunity to see friends seems to happen more often and even evenings walking home in the sunshine despite a long day are lovely especially when greeted with a nice cool G&T!

So heres to life after forty five and the new Sassy me  x

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