Hold on, help is at hand.

Last week was definitely not one of my finest, hence my lack of updates. To say I was feeling stressed and overwhelmed is an understatement. Too much needed to be done at once and my usual ‘roll up my sleeves and get on with it’ approach seemed to have got up and gone.

It’s been such a long time since I felt like that, I barely knew where to begin. However bit by bit the stuff that was causing me so much angst slowly started to get sorted either by myself or with a little help from my friends.


At work the day from hell which started with a dishwasher malfunction, travel disaster and herculean task, slowly got better thanks to my colleagues massive help and support and six million hugs, okay slight exaggeration, but you get my gist!

A much needed day off later (involving cake) and all was feeling much better.

I arrived home on the Friday knowing I had to to go housework crazy only to find Ellie had beaten me to it and had a major sort out while she was at it. Don’t know what I did to deserve that girl!

My point is no matter how challenging things might look, never fear help is often at hand. Something will always crop up to upset the apple cart just when we feel we have a handle on life, especially if we are striving to achieve something that’s a bit out of the ordinary for us.  Just hold on tight and something or someone will come to the rescue when you least expect it!

Stay sassy

Jane xx

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