A great way to start the day!

As promised, I donned my running gear and started the day with a jog. Okay so it was a walk, jog, chat, kind of affair, but the important part is I did it! Joined by my neighbour Julie, we spent an hour out in the fresh air, passing fellow joggers with a breathy ‘Good morning’ grin. We even overtook some people on their motorised scooters!

The best part was the downhill straight when we were treated to an amazing view of Farthing Downs, and I remembered how blessed I am to live near such a lovely place. I am usually a lone jogger, using the time to think, or plan my next move in life, however there is something to be said for having a friend along for the ride. I know just having that other person also determined to get fit is a huge motivator. The funniest part was me trying to explain to Julie how I get into my stride and what works for a comfortable, almost effortless pace. Its basically slow baywatch, meets a train, with yours arms and legs in a lovely flowing unison.

Not sure it will work for everyone, or ever be quoted in a joggers how-to-guide but it sure as hell works for me!



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