Keep on running

Well that was fun! I decided to use my first Saturday off in ages wisely, so I started off with another jog. No Julie this time so I popped in my headphones and did a bit of multi-tasking by listening to my downloads for Rock choir.

I did start off with a bit of a dodgy knee, but once I hit my stride I was good to go. I must have looked strange running along with a giant smile on my face while I quickly remembered why I love jogging and how uplifting a lot of the Rock choir repetoire is.

The highlight was my sudden discovery of dance jogging, Oh I know it not a proper term, but it best describes me bouncing along to Ollie Murs – Dance With Me Tonight, followed by Does Your Mother Know of Mamma Mia fame. It reminded me that I always enjoyed being fit and healthy and looking nothing like my age and although in recent years I allowed stress and anxiety to take over I am well and truly back on track and ready to take life by the horns and enjoy my forties to the full. Just the feeling of running along, the wind in my hair and a spring in my step, makes me determined to pass on just how easy it is to turn your life around and live in the present no matter what is going on around you.

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