What is your real age?


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about age and is it really important? I am so inspired by older people who have a mischievous twinkle in their eye, or an extra spring in their step. My dad and my friend Jackie immediately come to mind!

I have to say that although I am in my later 40’s, I seem to have an age range of 6 to 92, depending on the company or circumstance. Ninety two, when I am trying hesitantly to board an escalator, what is it with those things! Six, when I am allowing my natural exuberance to take over, and find myself clapping gleefully at some great news or whatever else has pushed my enthusiasm button.

Apart from that, at my age I seem to have reached a place where I am so much more organised than ever before, which is wonderfully surprising, I knew it had to happen eventually!

I find I enjoy peace and quiet and my own company at times, yet I crave the hustle and bustle and the buzz that comes from being around people and I am happy to bounce around to whatever music happens to be on.

My Daughter is also such a contradiction. She is incredibly organised, has to be early for everything and if something needs doing in the house she’s often done it before I get home. She is so grown up for her age of 20, she is amazing with money and is a great confidant and friend to have around. Yet she is so creative and so enthusiastic about so much. She shares my passion for all things Disney, and has the biggest collection of beanie boos I have ever seen. She loves costumes and cosplay and is an awesome designer, her style fluctuates between emo/goth and super cute, a bit cupcakes and leather if you know what I mean?

Anyway, my point is this – Your age is not important!

Be who you are, all of you, your whole being. Throw yourself into your life. Live a little, let go of the stuff that holds you back and embrace who you are. Sure do the grown up stuff that keeps you safe and the wolf from the door, but keep it light and let that inner child out every once in a while. You never know what fun awaits you!

Bye for now

Stay Sassy


Jane xxx

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