The Eagle has landed!

I’ve had a wonderfully productive, yet restful week. Had the week off from the usual retail shenanigans and been at home getting organised, spending time with family and friends and saying farewell to much loved member of my team.

I even went to see Muse in concert last night – all very rock chick! I was more slightly overdressed mother hen, if I am honest – but I enjoyed it none the less.

I have even taken the plunge and got my fringe back. All in the name of vanity, I couldn’t stand seeing those lines on my forehead in photos, it was that or stop being so pleased to see people with my rather too expressive eye brows. Which is apparently a physical impossibility, so a fringe it is!

My highlight was a trip to the cinema (phew I didn’t write pictures- although technically I just have) with my hubby, for his Birthday. Anyway, we saw the film Eddy the Eagle. A brilliantly funny and heart warming account of how Eddy stole our hearts in the 1988 winter Olympics when he took on the ski Jumps at Calgary. His grit determination, complete lack of fear and refusal to give up on his boyhood dream was inspirational to say the least.

It made me think about when any of us take on a goal/have a dream that others just don’t fully understand. When our reasons and motivation is personal and our objective is completely our own, when all we want to do is prove something to ourselves above all else. When your definition of success may not necessarily be what is considered normal and being your absolute best is more than good enough.

So whatever you are currently striving for just make sure you’re all in and believe me it will happen, just trust in what’s important to you. If you need any help making your eagle soar well you know where I am. My cheer leading pom-poms are always at the ready!

Stay Sassy

Jane xxx

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