Back on track

I am happy to say I had a much better time all round this week. Work has been better, I am back on track with remembering to take my complete woman vitamins, and I am having a great time running.

This weekend has been particularly good, partly because I actually had both Saturday and Sunday off ( I work for a well known pharmacy, and those Saturdays are exhausting!) and also because I was able to visit friends Soo, John and Holly in Eastbourne. I had a fantastic time away from it all having a lovely catch up and the odd glass of pimms. Yesterday was glorious sunshine so I was able to top up my tan, obviously safely with my suncream slathered all over, especially on my lilly white legs. Actually they are not too bad, but I am trying desperately hard not to start my holiday in Santorini, Greece with that typically english two tone (arms one colour, legs another) effect!

Despite a late night of pimms and plenty of cake, I managed to get up this morning and run along the seafront. Yet again there I was running along with grey skies and plenty of drizzle. I was chuffed to bits when I managed to run further than ever before and so asked the people at the beachfront cafe to take my picture to prove I had got all the way to the pier.

The only problem was that on the way back I decided to push myself even more, so picked out the next destination along my route, this however, meant I missed the turning off I was supposed to take and ran way further than anticipated, having to retrace my steps back to a recognisable place. Not a good idea in an unfamiliar place with the wind in your face and a realisation you just can’t run any further! Oh well I felt great when I finally arrived back at Soo’s. I will sleep well that’s for sure.

As well as the obvious health benefits with regard to my blood pressure and overall fitness, I am finding I am less tired and a lot less anxious, since taking up running again. I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful it is to spend an hour not thinking about anything in particular, other than the words to the songs on my smartphone, how even and steady my pace is and whether I can make it to the next point I’ve picked without stopping or falling over!

Any way I must go now as I am starting to seize up a bit and I would like to continue with my lovely, relaxed vibe for evening.

Bye for now

Jane  xx


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