Seize the Day

Despite a rather bad nights sleep and awful weather, I woke up yesterday morning determined to seize the day. Lying in bed, thinking about the fact I will be in a plane this time in two weeks time certainly helped. ( I must maintain my beach ready body.)

So an hour later I was power-walking along the road, with Julie next-door, wondering why on earth we were so mad! The rain sploshing in my eye and running down the back of my neck were definately not what I had in mind when I rung ahead to check she was up for our usual start to a Sunday, which was long before I had noticed the incessant drizzle was replaced by a much more determined downpour! I’ll be honest, I was half expecting her not to come along and was pleasantly surprised that she too was up for the challenge.

I dont know quite what’s got into us. Julie has been taking any opportunity to walk extra and I’ve added in an extra run to my usual three times a week. I’ve noticed that after a run I definately have a better day and it got me wondering how often we actually seize the day and make it work for us, or let circumstances dictate what our day feels like.

I must admit that lately I’ve had a few too many days where I have felt at the mercy of other peoples moods or agendas and therefore frustrated with circumstances that seem beyond my control. Or are they? Surely I can decide to just let it go! Or as I find with my running, change the way I feel about myself. ie fit and healthy, as opposed to ready for the knackers yard! As I steadily reach the end of my chosen goal, I know that what started as a mission to lower my blood pressure and look half decent in my bikini has become a way to feel so much better on a daily basis, and ok I have to confess I needed a little snooze and a bar of chocolate to get through the afternoon. (More to do with the lack of sleep and a challenging week than the exhertion of the powerwalk) The fact remains I felt proud for getting off my derrier and choosing to get on with it rather than give in to the great british weather! Although as I’m sure you will agree my impression of a drowned rat is not my best look but hey ho we had fun none the less.

2015-07-26 10.29.08-1

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