Ups and Downs

I would love to say this has been a great week, but it hasn’t. For some reason anxiety and over thinking things came along with a vengeance, and frustration with a situation I seem unable to control has definately gotten the better of me. Or a least it had until today! Yeah, I’m back on track..

I have realised the heat (I can’t believe I am actually complaining about sunny weather) had well and truly got to me. Well the lack of sleep and exercise due to the heat, to be precise. On Wednesday, the hottest day so far I actually shopped til I dropped! I fell asleep on the sofa whilst texting a friend to say I couldn’t possibly catch up that evening due to feeling terrible. All I had done all day was shopping! Thursday was still quite a disapointment as I spent the day with no clear direction and a real lacklustre feeling.

Not me at all! Looking back as well as the lack of sleep I had a complete overload of sugar and hadn’t managed to jog at all since Sunday.

Today however I am fighting fit again. I had a run this morning IN THE RAIN! My first one since I took up running again and I had forgotten just how much I love it. A first it felt a bit odd but once into my stride I didnt mind the odd raindrop in my eye and the odd trickle down my face. It was actually really refreshing and ok so I probably looked like a drowned rat when I got home, but I felt amazing for getting off my butt and going for it! Talking of which I must be toning up because I no longer feel the bouncy after shock of each stride and that alone is worth all my efforts!

Add to that my new shining head of hair thanks to John Frieda precision foam colour in Dark Chocolate Brown, (which is incidently one of the easiest ways I have ever dyed my hair) I am definately back to my sassy self.

Talking of sassy I have been reading a book called Life with a Sprinkle of Glitter by Louise Pentland a well seasoned Blogger and all round lovely person. Although Louises book is hardly aimed at my age group and my Daughter Ellie is slightly obsessed with this quirky, fun, lifestyle guru, I find her writing style quite similar to my own and find her take on life very refreshing. I find her very inspiring and as I am just starting out on my blogging journey I need all the inspiration I can get. I always think that although I am in my forties I can still be inspired by people of any age and I often love being around the enthusiasm and exuberence of youth. Especially when someone is making an amazing living out of doing something they love. She even shares my love of the word Plethora, need I say more!

Anyway time to go and enjoy the rest of my Sunday and I hope you have a great week too. Xx


Jane xx

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