Spa Christmas Gift – woo hoo he got it right!

My husband is not known for his brilliant present buying ability. However, this time he really did get it right!

I’ve just got back from a lovely spa day at the Selsdon Park Spa and Health Club and it was amazing! I opted for a facial, and my Sister-in-law Judy had a massage, to say it was bliss was an understatement! The lovely Tatiana was extremely good at her craft, and I felt so calm and cared for I was almost emotional with my thanks. Although we were told her English was limited, it didn’t matter because her hands were fluent in gentleness and I would happily go back again.

We had full access to the Pool, steam room, whirlpool and Sauna, and once I had got to grips with the ginormous gown and slippers ( I am only 5’2″ with size 3 feet) we had a really lovely relaxing day. The lunch was really nice, I woolfed down my mushroom omelette, having built up quite an apetite being busy doing nothing.

Here’s a confession… I have never done this sort of thing before, I am a spa virgin if you will and I was pathetically a little nervous, but I could so get used to this. It was even worth the gruelling task of getting into last years swimsuit. It was fine once it was actually on, but trying to discretely wiggle it over my bum, with its uber tight back straps was definitely a cause for concern!

Oh well roll on next week, when I am off to sing with Rock Choir at the N.E.C Birmingham and I get to stay in another spa hotel. Now I actually know what to do, I will be able to be a bit more cool about it and perhaps look like it’s something I do regularly. Who am I kidding there is bound to be Jane moment or two!


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