Spooky reflection…

I love this time of year. I know it has suddenly got dark so much earlier, but there is something lovely about crunchy leaves, hot soup and of course dressing up all gothy!

It’s such a contrast from this time last year. Nothing seemed right. If my wheel of life was a real one it would of come off the cart and be stuck in a ditch somewhere! Everything just felt wrong. Work was stressful, home was anything but relaxing, the driving lesson’s I was taking seemed stuck in reverse and to top it all I had borderline high blood pressure. Talk about a bad spell, I just couldn’t see the wood for the trees.

So it was time to re-evaluate. Time to cast a different spell, time to remember what I needed to do to get right back to basics and get that wheel rolling again. I had to have some difficult conversations, ask for help and mostly start putting myself first for a change, something I’m not too great at if I am honest.

So here I am a year on, looking forward to the anniversary of when I cast my spell on my Husband twenty three years ago. Even though he lovingly maintains it was a curse!

The fact is we now laugh and enjoy each others company more than ever. Family meals together with our grown up kids are generally full of banter and we have a light, easy atmosphere most of the time. I have changed my place of work and through the stop smoking service I deliver I am able to marry coaching and healthcare, which I love. I have ditched the stressfull driving and have returned to my ultimate stress reliever running and to say I feel full of life and vitality is an understatement. It seems to be contagious as Ian, my husband has even got back to swimming 100 -140 lengths 3 days a week, which means we both have a healthier glow about us.

To top it all I have found a new coaching direction and although it’s very early days with that I am enjoying the process every step of the way. It’s a stark contrast from how I felt this time last year and all I did was focus on what I could change, accept what I couldn’t change and rememer to keep it light and let it go!

Don’t forget if you know of anyone who feels how I felt and wants to gets a kick start getting their life back on track please share my blog, oh and please encourage them to get in touch with me as I still have one slot available for some complimentary coaching in exchange for a case study.

Until the next time

Stay Sassy

Jane x x

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