Santorini summer day 7

Santorini is the most beautiful place.
Yesterday I woke up in time to see the sunrise from behind the mountain and then watched in awe, yet again, as the sunset over the caldera.

Nature is indeed beautiful. Often the most natural things are.
It’s so nice to have the time to just watch the wonders of a beautiful place unfold in front of you.

Santorini is well known as the island of love. I am not surprised!
It is definately a place to fall in love with it’s natural beauty, it’s wonderful, geniunely warm and beautiful people and the amazing sense of effortless calm.

Even my own hubby Ian is becoming more and more like the man I first met. Chilled, laid back and mischievous.

Watching him swim in the pool yesterday was lovely. The water is definately his happy place and the look on his face as he swam effortlessly back and forth was pure pleasure. I know he does this at home but it was nice to witness.

Obviously we can’t spend our time on holiday all the time, but we can take life lessons back with us.

To stop and take the time to notice beautiful things around us, to spend more time in the great outdoors, to spend more time with each other and see the beauty, rather than focus on the negative stuff or the endless to do’s.

What can you do to get a bit more natural beauty in you life?
What can you change to bring more natural pleasure into your life?

Anyway time for a swim in the naturally beautiful sea.

Stay sassy
Lots of love
Jane xx

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