Life faster with technology I beg to differ!

I’m sitting here, all poised and ready to run. However my phone is not quite ready due to numerous uploads on Facebook, and of course those misspent minutes spent liking all manner of things.

I’ve already had my obligatory Mother’s Day lie-in, my lovely gifts of flowers, a wonderfully original card and scrapbook from Ellie. Wow, that girl has more talent in her little finger than most of us possess in our whole bodies!

I’ve had my lovely cuppa and my mothers day breakfast of scrambled eggs on toast, and the sunshine looks so inviting. Yet here I am waiting… while my phone charges so I can actually have some music on my way round. I used to run to the sounds of the birds, the roar of the traffic, and good old fashioned peace and quiet. Yet here I am on my laptop using my time constructively, yet wondering what on earth has gone wrong where we can’t seem to manage without technology!

I’ve even just opened the door to one of Micky’s friends and made him laugh out loud, (feels weird putting that in anything other than text speak) as I have my earphones already in place threaded through my running gear with the jack just looking like I’m about to plug myself into something!

I also find technology hugely frustrating when I write a great few lines on this blog, only to press the wrong button and have the whole thing lost for all eternity and then I have to somehow remember what I’ve just said. This is hard enough in real life what with being somewhat menopausal, but when I am in full flow writing mode this is impossible! I think I am going to have to resort to good old fashioned pen and paper for my first draft. Aarrgh how do those flipping youngsters make it look so easy!!

Anyway rant over I am finally off for my run with my phone and Fitbit at the ready. Just hope I don’t forget my water or key…oh and actually enjoy the wind in my hair and sun on my face.. I’ll take the basics over technology any day.

Stay Sassy

Jane xxx


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