Going the extra mile.

Today I managed to run further than I have for at least six years. I seemed to get stuck on about three and a half miles for a very long time yet today I finally managed five miles. I’ll be honest  – that last little push, especially as it was uphill took a lot more effort than usual but it’s safe to say I dug deep and did it. Its amazing how just that little bit more can make us feel so proud. If I am going to achieve my ultimate goal of running the marathon, I am going to have to up my game and just keep going the extra mile every time I run. Let’s hope my legs don’t get any shorter!the extra mile 4

Mind you, just thinking about extra miles reminded me of an inspiring story I read on Linked in, about a young lad who had gone the extra mile at work. Having already done a full shift he was locking up at 1.00am only to discover his boss had gone off with the keys and try as he might he couldn’t get hold of his boss or any other key holder. He stayed there all night long with his back against the door to keep the business safe. Wow that really is dedication. Even though he hadn’t worked there long, he still made sure he did the right thing. To say he is an asset to any company is an understatement. His Mum who posted the story is rightly very proud

The astonishing part was that his boss didn’t even thank him or even acknowledge what he had done! I am guessing at best he is embarrassed, at worse he just doesn’t care. Either way he doesn’t deserve to have such a thoughtful young man working for him if he can’t manage a simple thank you. Lets face it, with an attitude like that the world is definitely his oyster!

Going the extra mile is definitely something that is good for the soul. I remember once donning my boots to trudge through the snow to hand deliver some medicine to an elderly lady in a lot of pain.

The deliveries were cancelled due to bad weather and we had promised to send it that day. For me it just seemed like an obvious thing to do but she was so grateful and incredibly surprised when I knocked on her door. I was so happy to have made a difference to her day I must have floated home on a high! The difference a bit of gratitude makes.the extra mile. 2

So next time an opportunity comes your way to go the extra mile, whether it’s to achieve a personal goal or step up when needed, give it a go, and remember to always appreciate the extra effort you have put in, even if no else notices it will put a smile on your face.


Stay Sassy

Jane xx

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